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                  Product Name:Submerged ultrafiltration

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                  Product Profile:

                  Canpure fiber reinforced membrane module has the characteristics of high strength, large flux and strong adaptability. The membrane module is placed in the membrane tank, with high system integration and good water quality. Canpure fiber-reinforced submerged ultrafiltration membrane modules can be used in fields such as water reuse.

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                  Product Information


                  high strength

                  Fiber reinforced membrane is a PVDF membrane with a support layer. The membrane filament has high strength and can effectively avoid the problem of hollow fiber membrane filament breakage.

                  No peeling

                  Canpure's proprietary thermal inlay technology makes the PVDF membrane and the fiber braided tube tightly integrated, and no peeling occurs during operation.

                  High operating flux and small filter pressure difference

                  Canpure's proprietary membrane technology can ensure that the filter skin is evenly coated on the support layer of the fiber braided tube, and can achieve uniform pore size and high opening rate. High operating flux, effectively reducing the filtration pressure difference.

                  Strong adaptability to raw water

                  Canpure fiber-reinforced membrane is highly adaptable to the raw water quality, and works well under the condition of large fluctuations in raw water quality and temperature. It is suitable for surface water, groundwater treatment, reclaimed water reuse, sewage treatment and other fields.

                  Tolerate high-intensity air scrubbing and water washing

                  Canpure fiber-reinforced membrane can withstand high-strength air scrubbing and water washing, which can effectively avoid the problem of sludge accumulation in the membrane module.

                  Water production at both ends

                  Canpure fiber-reinforced membrane module adopts the water production method at the upper and lower ends, which has a larger flux than the traditional single-ended water production membrane module, uniform pollution load distribution, and can effectively reduce the transmembrane pressure difference and extend the operation cycle.


                  CPES /CPEM系列膜組件技術參數


                  有效膜面積 (m2)8.92040

                  膜組件尺寸 (mm)625*1000*30625*2000*301250*2000*30



                  過濾孔徑 (μm)0.1①


                  過濾周期 (mins)20 ~ 120
                  產水通量 (L/m2·h)5 ~ 60
                  曝氣流量 (Nm3/h·簾)1 ~ 3②
                  pH耐受范圍1 ~ 12


                  ①可根據原料配方進行調整。 ②采用5080膜簾,氣量加倍。 ③另有膜絲外徑為2.6mm、1.6mm產品可供選用,具體細節可咨詢廠家。

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