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                  Product Name:Large flow filter

                  Affiliate classification:

                  Product Profile:

                  Can be cleaned and reused, reducing operating costs. Using high-strength long-fiber filter material, the filtration accuracy and strength are guaranteed.

                  Online consultation

                  Product Information

                  Filter characteristics

                  1. Taiwan factory, produced in American standard 10000 dust-free workshop, can be used for medical treatment and food filtration

                  image.png   image.png   image.png

                                                       Horizontal isometric folding            Hot melt edge banding      Infrared welding


                  2. Large filtering area, 40" up to 10m2, equidistant folding, high effective utilization rate

                  image.png   image.png

                  image.png   image.png

                  3. High pressure-bearing capacity, with a maximum pressure difference of 0.4MPa

                  image.png   image.png   image.png         image.png


                  Thick wire diameter net   Super internal support  Hot melt edge banding    Infrared welding

                  Avoid the filter element deformation and disassembly;

                  Avoid broken filter frame or central tube residue from entering the back stage

                  4. Using star-shaped sealing ring, easy to disassemble and assemble

                      image.png   image.png

                  5. Each filter element has a different QR code, which can be anti-counterfeit and traceable


                  6. Off-line chemical cleaning


                  Industry Case