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                  Product Name:DTRO

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                  Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with membrane separation technology as its The disc tube membrane module includes DTRO, DTNF and HPDTRO membrane modules. Because the membrane module has an open flow channel structure, the membrane module can simplify the pretreatment and directly desalinate and concentrate the high-salt, high-COD wastewater, or high-concentration materials.

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                  product description

                  Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with membrane separation technology as its core, dedicated to environmental protection water treatment engineering applications and industrial cleaner production process development. DT / ST / MT membrane technology is a big progress in the field of membrane module technology. It was introduced from Germany in 2010 by Jiarong Technology. With more than ten years of industrial membrane technology practical experience, Jiarong technology has been continuously improved to form a series of products and systems Integrated technology is widely used in landfill leachate treatment, desulfurization wastewater treatment, coal chemical wastewater and oil and gas field wastewater treatment.

                  Diaphragm mapCore diagram

                  DT membrane module technical parameters

                  DT membrane: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, applied to landfill leachate, is an industrial anti-pollution RO membrane, its rejection rate to sodium chloride is ≥99%
                  Membrane module area: 9.405㎡ / branch
                  Feed flow: maximum 2m3 / h, minimum 0.8 m3 / h, each membrane
                  pH range: 3-10, 2-13 when cleaning
                  Temperature range: up to 45 ° C (for operation at 70 ° C, a high-temperature deflector is required)
                  Weight: dry weight 65Kg
                  Pressure rating: 75bar, 90bar, 120bar

                  Application area

                  Landfill leachate treatment
                  Leachate concentrate
                  Salt concentration of industrial wastewater
                  High concentration of materials
                  Concentration and zero discharge of industrial high-salt wastewater

                  Industry Case